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Longing to feel the benefits of salt stained skin?

Unplug from the daily grind and awaken your true nature in the wild North Coast of Cornwall in the UK.

Brave the elements and get a natural high off the ocean air at our long weekend retreat at Kudhva.

Spend 3 days barefoot on a yoga mat and surf board exploring your inner-most being.

Set in a 45 acre disused /abandoned quarry, overlooking the sea; the slate, grasslands, forest and sand all merge here. This off grid, ever evolving landscape is beautifully curated for digital detoxing and conquering your inner ocean both in and out of the water.

Kudhva sits amidst the raw and rugged landscape like an island floating above the waves. It encourages people to meet, be creative, discuss and challenge

There is so much on offer in this natural world, you can listen to the tides change standing in the wood fired hot tub, lie in a hammock suspended in the willow grove or plunge into the wild swimming lake.


SALT retreats give you access to a weekend of wellbeing that connects you with the earth and awakens your true nature.

When we give ourselves time and connect to the elements within us and around us, we surrender and life begins to transform. We want to help you go beyond the surface and explore your raw, wild self through your mind and body. When we think higher, we feel deeper and life has meaning. We are inspired by the beautiful duality of nature. Nature does it best, what is raw, wild and alive is also harmonious, calm and still.


SALT yoga takes you on a personal journey, going beyond the surface with the intention to honour nature and the role that it plays within your innermost being.

Explore ultimate acceptance of letting go through yoga, meditation and conscious breath work, all deeply healing practises that allow you to live with conscious intention.

The way we breath dictates the way we move, feel and experience life. SALT helps connect your breath to your body’s movement, creating powerful shifts in our physiology, focus and language.

Each of us has a unique pattern of physical, mental and emotional energy that corresponds with natures elements within us. It is how we balance them in yoga that creates clarity and space for us, both, on and off our mat. Each set of movements is designed to evoke the healing power of one element. Practise an understanding of the laws of nature as we flow like water + ground down like earth.

Through a mindful surf flow we can learn to move proactively rather than reactively. This means moving with conscious intention and listening to our bodies - honouring its limitations, without judgement or comparison.

SALT Meditation is a process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. Meditation is not a scary eastern practise that only floating cross-legged yogis can access. It is about acceptance of what is and surrendering to the unknown. We guide you through meditation in a relaxing environment where we work on increasing awareness of the elements within you and around you.

Mindful surfing. The ocean is a powerful teacher, trust your instincts in its reflections. Become in-tune with the waves by learning to body surf before you even pick up your board, have fun and conquer you inner liquid landscape.


Food is a big part of your retreat experience and we make it memorable with fresh organic |local + seasonal| plant-based and gluten free produce.

Our resident chef Sarah will prepare you an inviting welcome dinner plus all your daily breakfasts, lunch’s, snacks and refreshments.

Let our guest head chefs Will and Craig stoke your fire with their wild feasts underneath the majestic canopy of the night sky that will leave you feeling nourished and inspired.


Is this retreat right for you? Well it is if you love being empowered in nature, moving your body, being in water, meeting like minded people and eating feel good food.

Lets see what the days hold for you…


Arrival between 3 - 5pm in time to unwind before we come together for yin yoga (all levels) before your welcome evening meal.

Saturday and Sunday

After your early morning revitalising breakfast snacks and surf yoga rituals on the beach (all levels) we hit the big salty blue with Georges Surf School! A team of passionate, enthusiastic and professional instructors who will provide you (beginner + Intermediate) with the right equipment and guide you into the water for 2 hours of life changing fun.

Once your energy packed lunch is devoured back at Kudhva you get the opportunity to;

- Lay back and absorb natures salt with our water therapy sessions in Kudhva’s wild lake

- Take a mindful beach walk cleaning its shorelines, giving back to mother earth

- Sleep, read, journal and meditate

- Book a Head/Neck/Arm Treatment (shirobhyanga) - a deeply therapeutic caring treatment designed to nourish the scalp, and wash away tensions associated with migraine, headache and neck stiffness. It involves warm dosha-specific oils poured into the hair, aiding the nourishment of roots. While the indigenous herbs calm and revitalise the spirit, ancient massage techniques allow the body to surrender and enhance overall equilibrium.

Each evening we re-connect and unwind in a restorative yin session (all levels) that will soothe those tired paddling arms.

We then spend the rest of the evening as an open circle where you can celebrate your authenticity with your like minded saltwater tribe.

Feel the open fire, warm your face and begin to take in the aromas of our guest chefs wild, plant based cooking.

Finish the evening underneath the nights sky, submerged in our wooden hot tub surrounded by your choice of wild picked herbs.


After your early morning yoga rituals (all levels) and final breakfast with your saltwater tribe the retreat comes to a close


Four Kudhva.

Each offering their own different slice of this ever-changing landscape. They stand above the ground on wooden legs, with a large terrace area outside, a built-in sofa, facing stunning floor to ceiling windows, and a mezzanine bed perfect to rest those wind-swept heads.  All the Kudhva have built in storage.


The Danish Cabin; only a 10-minute walk from the Reception building, but its secluded idyllic location transports you into prime wilderness.

Nestled deep in the woods, with trees growing through the deck and a babbling stream winding underneath it’s stilt frame the Danish Cabin is truly immersed in nature. With walls which raise or slide to open, the Cabin transforms extending the living space onto the terraces beyond. Its innovative design blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor living. A large fire pit offers the means to cook immediately next to the living area, or wile away the evenings on the deck. There is a composting toilet a stone’s throw from the cabin and the showers|toilets and main kitchen are located at the Reception building. 


What's possible!

3 x nights stay off grid in architectural hideouts

Bedding, linen + towels in your accommodation

6 x yoga sessions with certified yoga teacher Stella

2 x surf lessons with surf equipment + certified instructors

All meals including juices and wellbeing snacks by resident chef

2 x guest chefs Saturday + Sunday evening celebrating wild cooking on the fire

Retreat tote bag full of all the good things



Travel Insurance

Personal transport to the retreat

Payment options

100% on booking to secure your space

Deposit 25% on booking + remaining balance 60 days before retreat commences

Bookings within 60 days of the retreat commencing require 100% payment

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