Distinct moments happen out in nature that can change our life forever.

The same moments happen when we surrender and awaken our own true nature beyond the surface.


My first memory of water is drowning. Weightless, I couldn’t resist the waters pull. It was just me, totally enclosed in calm suspension, surrendering below the surface. My parents were moments away from my grasp but the underwater dance was so graceful they took a while to notice me tumble like a wave. I was five at the time and needless to say was shook up by the experience but it only seemed to make me even more curious about water. I swam all the time growing up - it was affordable, accessible and a good way for my parents to channel mine and my brothers energy.

The only sport I have ever truly followed since my early twenties is surfing. Books, films and documentaries fascinated me about the surfing culture phenomenon and inspired me to travel and try my luck at standing up on a board. Surfing is more than just a sport, it is a way of living that connects us to the natural world and like minded saltwater souls within it.

My intro into yoga is hard to forget. At the wanderlust age of 23, I joined a morning class watching the sunrise on a beach just off of the Great Ocean Road in Australia. With my feet ground down in the sand and the sun as my drishti, I listened to the flux of the ocean and felt its salty onshore breeze tickle my skin. I was travelling around the world at the time - a road trip junkie, stoked for adventure, immersing myself in every water’s edge that seduced me along the way.

Before I left home for backpacking life I majored in contemporary dance throughout my teens and early twenties so it wasn’t a huge shock to me that I connected with the natural movement and breath of this alien but oh so innate practise of yoga. 

Looking out into the blue horizon makes me appreciate the power of observation. I acknowledge how tiny I am and the awe of being close to something so expansive and forceful instantaneously inspires me to play harder and explore deeper, forgetting the small stuff and embracing what is right in front of me.  

Ever since the summer 2005, I have been addicted to the lure of the ocean and the taste of salt water on my lips, when I began learning to surf on the notorious waves of Raglan, just off the north west coast of New Zealand.

I am no more psyched and wider awake than when I am in nature, braving the wilderness and taking in the elements of its playground. Be it learning to surf, star gazing in the outback, hiking amongst the trees, floating over coral reefs or cloud watching from an airplane window. Why is this? Because I believe nature is the language of the universe.

Studying anthropology throughout my dance degree opened me up to human societies and cultures, biological and physiological characteristics and their evolution. What really got me, was when I realised every culture from every continent around the world has only one fundamental thing in common - Nature - it is the only system of faith that connects us all together. 

Water and yoga restore my emotional, mental and physical well-being, washing away any debris I have collected along the way. The only way out is through. 

It doesn’t matter if I am balancing on the skin of the ocean in a state of zen or surrendering to the pull of the waves beyond the surface, completely weightless, I become a part of it and I know I am alive - I have a sense of belonging, a feeling that I have come home. 

For me the ocean is a spiritual teacher of life, a beautiful metaphor for our short time here. Just as the moon's gravitational pull generates a tidal force, there are no two waves the same. The universe is a flow of energy and it’s how we connect to it with conscious intention that reflects our truth seeking journey.


Yoga and the ocean are a union, the all seeing and all knowing calm connection between humankind and nature, a place of freedom and possibility. With my toes dipped in the water and my feet ground down on my mat, I must return to them, again and again. 

I tolerated an overwhelming feeling of dis - ease for too many years of my life and reached the limit of insulting my soul. I had to find a way to let go of the pain weighing me down. Rather than drown amongst the grief, anxiety and traumas my body had not healed from, I quickly learnt that being vulnerable would be the most healing way to grow. I made myself fully show up, be seen and heard by people who could help me, so I could transform my mind, body and spirit. I took a massive step and made a commitment to wellbeing by honouring daily rituals that continue to keep me balanced and grounded, giving me access to a life of freedom with space and clarity.

Practising mindful yoga, meditation, breath work, positive affirmations and feasting on feel good food cultivates an authentic power that fuels my soul, making me feel unstoppable.

Nature, travel and yoga stoke my fire and have a profound impact on the decisions that I make, how I choose to navigate my experience on earth and ultimately converse with the universe, riding its waves of life. 

Deep transformations arise when we care and love those around us. With my passion for human connection and deep love for nature and its elements - SALT | Surrender And Life Transforms | was born.

SALT’s mission is to empower you to journey within - awakening your own true nature, beyond the surface. Helping you heal; emotionally, mentally or physically - creating the life you envision for you and the people within it.

I invite you to adventure within and join me on a journey of awakening self-discovery and nurturing self-connection, where the ride to freedom is limitless.

Let the good vibrations roll.


Stella Grant | Creator @ SALT

Stella Grant