BElow the surface

You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf

Our dedication to human connection and helping people ride the waves of life evolved into SALT |Surrender And Life Transforms| being born.

Our mission is to provide a powerful toolkit that can help people access a life of wellbeing that connects them with the earth and awakens their true nature below the surface.

Yoga and the ocean are a union, the all seeing and all knowing calm connection between humankind and nature, a place of freedom and possibility. With our toes dipped in the water and our feet ground down on the mat, we must return to them, again and again. 

Yoga and transformative wellbeing practises can stoke our fire and have a profound impact on the decisions that we make and how we choose to navigate our experience on earth and ultimately converse with the universe.

Water and yoga can restore our emotional, mental and physical well-being, washing away any debris collected along the way. The only way out is through. 

The ocean is a spiritual teacher of life, a beautiful metaphor for our short time here. Just as the moon's gravitational pull generates a tidal force, there are no two waves the same. The universe is a flow of energy and it’s how we connect to it with conscious intention that reflects our truth seeking journey.

Practising yoga, meditation and mindfulness surfing cultivates an authentic power that can fuel our soul, making us feel unstoppable.

I invite you to adventure within and join us on a journey of awakening self-discovery and nurturing self-connection, where the ride to freedom is limitless.

Let the good vibrations roll.