Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction
— E. O. Wilson

Connection is everything. When we give ourselves time and connect to the elements around us, we surrender and life transforms; awakening our true nature. We want to help you go beyond the surface and explore your raw, wild self through your mind and body. When we think higher, we feel deeper and life has meaning. We are inspired by the beautiful duality of nature. Nature does it best, what is raw, wild and alive is also harmonious, calm and still.

SALT is a floodgate to being human. Adventuring within, braving the wilderness and identifying the difference between fear and resistance through our own authentic landscape. Using the mind and body consciously, tapping into something much bigger than our exterior shell; celebrating our true nature.

We were born with only two fears, the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Fight-or-flight. The rest we have picked up along the way - ultimately creating barriers that don’t exist and subsequently limiting our own power within. Everything we have ever yearned for is waiting for us on the other side of fear.

We have been guided by nature since the human race began. Nature doesn’t need us but we intrinsically depend on nature. The Egyptians, sages and to this day - alchemists, shamans and un-contacted tribes have always believed nature is so much bigger than what we perceive it to be and therefore have the deepest respect for mother earth. They thrive in harmony with the seasons, survive in strength using its healing properties and educate their communities using astrology.

In water there is health, it is the driver of nature. It flows abundantly with no resistance. In ritual, salt is linked to the true essence of self - purification, protection and preservation.

Salt from the earth is essential to every life-form on this planet. It is required for nerves, circulation and muscles to function. Water makes up 83% of our lungs, 64% of our skin plus 73% of our heart and brain.

Much like saltwater, fulfilment is essential to the core basic human needs. Our spirit seeks growth and our personality thrives on connection. These needs light us up and feed our soul to step up and create a life full of adventure and meaning.

Humanity has been in a spiritual dance with natures elements for 200,000 years and yoga poses have been a way to move the body and awaken the soul for over 5,000 of those. Salt is a road map journeying us out of our heads and adventuring us into our bodies.

Being out in nature and away from the noise in the world is the best cure to remove the constant chatter in our heads. SALT evokes a quiet mind by celebrating our authentic self and exploring its true way of being.

Am I enough? What if it’s not perfect? What if I fail? - are the common questions that lead us into a state of relentless negative narrative, a vicious circle regurgitating the same disbeliefs but in new and all-consuming guises.

SALT empowers our true nature to be in the moment and live with conscious intention. Getting you comfortable with being uncomfortable and immersing you inside a wild arena where you can choose to awaken your inner ocean and conquer the impact zone head-on.

Curious? We’re here for you. We’ll show you how to unplug from the daily grind and reconnect with yourself. Let’s create space for ourselves to explore deeper, wherever we are, whenever we choose.

After a visit to the beach, its hard to believe that we live in a material world