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yoga + surf retreat




6 - 9 SEPTEMBER 2019

Private|Corporate yoga + surf retreats

Privately designed yoga + surf retreats of small to medium sized groups for families, friends, or colleagues.

We invite you to connect with us and send your retreat brief so we can start to create an authentic adventure for you and your saltwater tribe.

What we do

We create bespoke soulful retreats immersed in nature, hosted all over Cornwall and the rest of the world.

Our retreats are where real transformation occurs - each uniquely designed to give you the freedom to explore your mind + body and your relationship with the world. Every experience during your retreat provides you with the space to step away from the fast paced chaos of your everyday life and allows you to go deep down beyond the surface, reconnecting with your innermost being.


The ocean is inside all of us, which is why we must return to it again and again.

Every retreat is hosted next to the ocean so that your blue mind instantly feels the benefits of the salty air and the plethora of nature that the water’s edge provides in its expansive playground.


We provide a holistic well-being masterclass of rituals that will help guide you on your own personal road map to your adventure within.


Yoga for all levels. Energising ocean flow in the morning on the beach and restorative yin towards the end of each day to soothe those paddling arms.


Brave the elements and learn to surf. The ocean is a powerful teacher - trust your instincts in its reflections. Become in-tune with the waves, have fun and let go of the shoreline and conquer your inner ocean.

Wild feasts

Wild feasts with fresh (local + seasonal) healing plant-based produce hosted underneath the majestic canopy of the sky that will leave you feeling nourished and alive.

Mindful walks

Mindful walk beach cleans that reconnect you to your true nature and help give back to the planet.


Join an open circle of trust where you can celebrate your authenticity with your like minded saltwater tribe.

Healing hands

Journey on a new path through Ayurvedic massage therapy that will revolutionise the way your mind + body function and how you converse with the universe.

Water therapy

Lay back and absorb natures salt with our water therapy sessions floating in wild lakes and the sea - using the power of our inner ocean to surrender and explore.


Daily meditation guiding you through your liquid landscape, sitting on the horizon clearing your mind of stress and tension.

I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put back in order
— John Burroughs