“As someone who suffers from a mixture of anxiety and health issues, working with Stella has been invaluable to my wellbeing. Within a short time of regular yoga sessions my flexibility, energy and outlook on exercise (and the universe) - as well as my personal priorities, have taken a completely positive turn for the first time in my life. Having dabbled in yoga for a number of years, I can’t recommend seeing Stella privately highly enough, for a targeted approach to a complete body overhaul. Focusing on specific personal poses, flow, balance and meditations, her approach to life is genuine, infectious and inspiring.”


"Stella has been a shining star of guidance to me during a black sky of pain and heartache.  Somehow in a her authentically calm way, Stella has guided me back towards my true self.  I was experiencing heightened anxiety as a result of an unhealthy relationship.  Stella not only helped me address the drivers behind that anxiety but also supported me when the relationship ended suddenly. Without her words, I believe I would not have been able to handle this outcome, I may have delved further into my anxiety and drifted further from my true self. Her coaching is raw, real and from the heart. What makes Stella’s coaching unique is her ability to empower. Any decisions I have made, or guidance I have followed ultimately came from within me, but Stella’s words were the vessel that helped me drown out the external noise and tune into my inner voice.  
She connected with me, truly saw me and used her amazing energy to guide me back to my own unique path. I will forever be thankful to her. "


"I had been contemplating a career change for over 4 months and was completely stuck in a rut. I met Stella and we talked about everything. My mental and physical well being, diet, needs, dreams and aspirations and she really hit some raw nerves as I opened up and as a result I felt this weight lift off my shoulders and all of a sudden it was 100% clear what path I should take.  Within 3 weeks of working with Stella I quit my job, started with a new company and  started my own side business. Nobody should be afraid of change or getting help. Stella has a gift and I would encourage anyone to work with her. "