awaken beyond

the surface


Awaken your true nature

Adventure beyond the surface.

When we give ourselves time and connect to the elements within us and around us, we surrender and life transforms; awakening our true nature. We want to help you go beyond the surface and explore your raw, wild self through your mind and body. When we think higher, we feel deeper and life has meaning. We are inspired by the beautiful duality of nature. Nature does it best, what is raw, wild and alive is also harmonious, calm and still.

Curious? We’re here for you. We’ll show you how to unplug from the daily grind and reconnect with yourself.
Let’s create space for ourselves to explore deeper, wherever we are, whenever we choose.


Brave Your Elements

Get a natural high.

SALT is a floodgate to being human. Going beyond the surface, adventuring within, braving the wilderness and identifying the difference between fear and resistance through your own authentic landscape. Using the mind and body consciously, tapping into something much bigger than our exterior shell; celebrating our true nature.

We were born with only two fears, the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Fight-or-flight. The rest we have picked up along the way - ultimately creating barriers that don’t exist and subsequently limiting our own power within. Everything we have ever yearned for is waiting for us on the other side of fear. SALT gets you comfortable with being uncomfortable and immerses you inside a wild arena where you can choose to surrender to your inner ocean and conquer the impact zone head-on.


ADVENTURe within

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